About Marthe

Final exam review AKV St. Joost

“You have a sense for atmosphere, a sense of humor and temperament what makes your work is full of jokes and mild irony. You know how to turn orders into your own. You can handle projects with your constant passion and perform successfully. A quiet strength.” 


Music  -  2007-now

In my spare time I keep myself busy with making and listening to (classical) music. So obviously you can see this in my work. I often design posters and flyers for several musical orchestras. And one of them, the Philharmonic Orchestra of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, even asked me to be their permanent designer. I made their logo and a poster every six months.

Furthermore, I did make some art for the KIDsite of ‘deFilharmonie’, the philharmonic orchestra of Antwerp, and I illustrated for ‘Mens en Melodie’, a magazine about classical music.

Currently I’m busy designing the cover and artwork for a violin study book from Jos van den Dungen.

Univers  -  2007-now

Univers, the University of Tilburg magazine, is one of my regular clients. I’ve been frequently illustrating their diverse articles, ever since 2007. Thanks to Univers I also occasionally have been designing posters for the University of Tilburg.

Malmberg  -  2004-now

In Artschool I started working for educational publisher Malmberg. Since then I have made illustrations for several schoolbooks, like Taal Actief (language learning), Pluspunt (math) and Lekker Lezen (reading), all for children aged 6 to 12.

Noordhoff  -  2010-now

There’s another educational publisher I work for, called Noordhoff. For them I also make schoolbook illustrations, among others ‘Timboektoe’ and ‘Mini Loco Lekker Fit’. Again for children aged up to 12 years old.

For the rest I worked on...

...an illustration for DUB june 2011

...a birth card for Anne april 2011

...an invitation card for a dancing party january 2011

...over 800 small drawings for a Remedial Spelling Program for Giralis fall 2010

...a logo for Cube Consulting august 2010

...a poster for the Total Festival in Bladel june 2010

...a birth card for Guus may 2010

...a poster/flyer for “Mea Loman” from theatre company Ontogenacht march 2010

...a coloring picture for the CDA march 2009

...a poster for “Festen” from theatre company Excelsior february 2009

...an illustration for Didaktief april 2008

...the cover illustration of the yearbook of ‘stichting Ombudsman’ march 2008

...a logo for the “Schitterende scholen” project for Giralis january 2008

...an illustration from Printbuyer no.8 2006

Education and training

WEI, Eindhoven  -  ‘Paper, Scissors, Glue’ april 2008

Kunstenaars & Co, Den Haag  -  ‘stARTfactory’ octobre 2007

AKV St. Joost, Breda  -  Illustrative design 2002-2007

Jeroen Bosch College, ‘s-Hertogenbosch  -  VWO 1999-2001

Jeroen Bosch College, ‘s-Hertogenbosch  -  HAVO 1995-1999