was two years

old, I already was an illustrator. 

I made an illustration for my brother’s

birth called ‘Child in mommy’s belly’.

Apparently I already knew I like

to make line drawings. Unfortunately I

forgot, and I had to find out all over

again when I was 24 years old...

That was at St. Joost Art School in Breda,

where I approved Illustration Design by july 2007.

Beside drawing with pen and ink I also make computer collages in which I use photos, scanned paper or little 3D constructions. I like to combine it all.

I prefer to make uncomplicated illustrations, which seem to be simple and graphic, but stay interesting. That is why I try to put in little details or an extra level. So people will look at it...and than look at it again and think: ‘Ha!’.

...am Marthe Kalkhoven

...am 34 years old

...live in Tilburg, the Netherlands

...am an illustrator

...did AKV St. Joost, illustrative design, 2002-2007

...admire the work of Keri Smith, Ted van Lieshout, Helen van Vliet, Mattias Adolfsson, Oliver Jeffers

...clients include

Jeelo, Artesc, Malmberg, Univers, DUB, Giralis, Noordhoff Uitgevers, deFilharmonie, Mens en Melodie, Filharmonisch Orkest ‘s-Hertogenbosch

“You have a sense for atmosphere, a sense of humor and temperament what makes your work is full of jokes and mild irony. You know how to turn orders into your own. You can handle projects with your constant passion and perform successfully. A quiet strength.” 

Final exam review St.Joost

            you can find my resume.
            you can see my work.